9 Tips Anyone Can Use to Write a Book!
Self-publishing is sooo easy...but there is a process to being successful and making money. I hate it when new authors get frustrated and give up before they have a chance to be successful! That's why I created this free quick-start guide to writing. You'll find nine easy tips to getting started fast, giving you that quick-win for the motivation to keep going!
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    Joseph Hogue

    12-time Amazon Best-Selling Author

    Who am I?

    Blogger, investment analyst, freelancer, YouTuber...I've had a lot of titles but few have been as rewarding as self-published author. Not only do I make thousands a month but I get to help 600+ people a month with transformations in each book.


    Now I'm sharing that passion for self-publishing and teaching you the secrets to make your book a success!

    What will you learn?

    I've self-published 12 books and it's easily my favorite passive income strategy. The thousands I make a month from my books give me the freedom to spend time on what's important in my life.


    This free quick-start guide will show you how easy self-publishing can be and give you that quick shot of motivation to get your book finished!